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This Tiny House Was Built in Just 48 Hours Using A 3D Printer

Building a new home can often be stressful, and very expensive, but that could be about to change after this cute one-bed was created in just 48-hours using 3D printing technology.

Construction company Icon, in conjunction with homelessness charity New Story, have managed to create a stunning 350-square foot home using just 3D-printing technology, and amazingly had it was livable within just 48-hours.

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3d printed home


With the average time to build a new home from scratch estimated at two-years, architects and designers are increasingly trying new ways to cut down on construction times, not to mention provide affordable alternatives for those who currently do not have a home.

Leading the way into the future of home building around the world, Icon incorporated 3D printing technology to deliver a home with all the usual amenities you’d find in a typical home, but made in a fraction of the time and cost.

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3d printed home


The home was created using the Vulcan, an industrial sized 3D printer that functions with a near zero waste process, and is designed to work under environmental constraints typically found in desert, jungle, or other unstable conditions where common building tools such as water and tools are hard to source.

The inventive process could point the way to improving the way we build affordable homes across the world, and could even offer the first steps in reducing the number of people who currently live without a home.

For more information on this 3D printed home visit Icon online.

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