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A Boozy Alcohol-Inspired Candle Will Most Definitely Keep You Cosy

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If you’re planning a cosy (and possibly boozy) night in, you can’t get a much more creative winter candle than this one made from an old alcohol bottle.

Environmentally friendly, thanks to its holder, these brilliant additions to your home are made from recycled alcohol vessels.  You can even consider popping in a new candle once it’s finished.

Whether you love gin or a spot of rum, now you can scream your love for all things ‘your favourite drink’ through your home decor.

The holder of this candle is a 70 cl bottle of Hendricks Gin. Producers expertly cut and finish the bottle which they also fill with a scent of your choice.

Not only can you have lamps made out of your favourite gin bottles, you can also enjoying a scent of gin from burning this lovely candle.

Some of the scents which you can choose from are Rhubarb & Vanilla, Gin & Tonic, Apple & Cinnamon and Christmas Pine – and it’s only £18.

Then there’s Vineyard Candles who are also joining the eco-friendly gin and tonic candle trend.

Their ‘Gin & Tonic’ candle is contained in artisan glass holders from re-purposed wine and champagne bottles. The producers polish the rims of the glass holders with flame for the perfect finish.

Gin scented candle

Amazon, £18.39

Made from 100% natural long burn soya wax while their beautiful scent is a result of the delicately blended candle wax.

Alternatively, if you love collecting all kinds of alcohol, be sure to discover candles created from rum, champagne and vodka bottles.

Now you can enjoy the scents of your favourite drinks without the calories. It’s a win-win!

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