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The Top Air Purifying Plants for Your Home

We can spend an incredible 90 percent of our lives indoors (especially in winter) so it’s no shock to discover that adding some greenery to your interior space can help lift your mood and reduce stress, but did you know that the humble house plant can also remove harmful toxins from the air?

Believe it or not, but NASA research has revealed that a number of plants are hugely effective at removing lots of chemical nasties, many of which are linked to a host of health issues.

These plants are proven not only to lift your mood and wellbeing but they can also improve the physical aspects of your living space.

Areca Palm

air purifying plants

The Areca Palm not only looks amazing, it’s also an effective plant for removing air toxins. It’s especially helpful for those with sinus issues or who catch colds easily. This plant appreciates warmth but won’t like being in direct sunlight or in the line of a draught. Do not over water.

Aloe Vera

air purifying plants

Another favourite with the NASA team, the Aloe Vera plant is a great air purifier and also releases oxygen. This plant originates from the deserts so doesn’t appreciate too much water. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings.

Boston Fern

air purifying plants

Another one in NASA’s top 10, and a favourite with the Victorians, the Boston Fern is an expert air purifier. This plant likes a cool room with humidity and damp soil. It favours indirect sunlight.

Weeping Fig

air purifying plants

This plant is especially adept at removing those toxins that come from carpets and furnishings. This plant won’t thank you for drastic changes to temperature, especially cold draughts. They need indirect sunlight to survive.

Chinese Evergreen

air purifying plants

A good choice for those less green fingered readers, the Chinese Evergreen is relatively hard to kill and can survive in dark rooms with little light. Its ability to remove toxins grows with time. Avoid overwatering this plant–allow roots to dry out between waterings.

Peace Lily

air purifying plants

The beautiful Peace Lily can absorb up to 60 percent of toxins and tackles many of the chemicals we mentioned. It also absorbs mould spores which can cause respiratory issues. This plant is a little trickier to look after, it likes warmth but won’t appreciate being in direct sunlight. If it doesn’t produce any flowers there’s a good chance it’s not happy with where you’ve placed it.

Spider Plant

In just 48 hours the lowly Spider Plant can remove 90 percent of toxins from the air. This is a good option for those who are adept at killing plants, it’s hardy, easy to grow and doesn’t require much attention.

English Ivy

The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology discovered that the humble ivy plant removes three quarters of airborne mould in just one day. A low maintenance plant, this is another one that doesn’t appreciate too much water.

From: No.1 Magazine

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