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This Home Took Less than 10 Days to Build and Could Be the Future of Home Construction

alma-nac hampshire home

When it comes to unique home designs and construction, this stunning forest retreat could possibly set a new standard for how new homes are built in the future.

When building a new home it is often a very stressful enterprise. With architects, builders, surveyors, council permits, budgets and a host of other worries and stresses all make the whole process entirely uninviting, and an avoid at all costs idea.

Those stressful feelings could possibly be a thing of the past thanks to architecture and design studio Alma-nac latest project – House in The Woods – which took them amazingly just 10 days to raise.

alma-nac hampshire home


The London-based firm, who have previously made otherworldly homes and builds such as an animal hospital, a 360 degree split home and an inbetweeny home in the center of London, designed and built this contemporary county abode near South Downs National Park, Hampshire, England, on top of a dilapidated 1950s bungalow.

The 240-square-meter home retains the former building’s simple footprint, but offers much, much more character.

alma-nac hampshire home


Drawing reference from a typical Russian Dacha, a seasonal or year-round second home, a House in The Woods is a fully prefabricated timber home, nestled tightly between trees in the woods surrounding South Downs National Park.

The home was constructed from prefabricated wood panel technology, is completely insulated and water tight. The external walls are clad in thermally-treated timber and hand-cut brick, with natural slates adorning the roof. The floors were made using concrete and function as heat sinks.

Construction of the framework and foundations took just ten days, ensuring a reduced build time, and did it without compromising on building quality or efficiency.

Once all of the wall and floor fixtures were sealed, the building became airtight and insulated, which lowers the reliance on central heating systems during the cold months, while also keeping the interior comfortable during the warmer periods of the year.

The home has all of the typical amenities found in common homes from electricity, running water and central heating, which runs throughout in the form of localized radiators, wood-burning stove and underfloor.

Additionally, a heat-recovery unit continually introduces fresh air into the home to keep it from becoming too stuffy and uncomfortable.

alma-nac hampshire home


The house features a large kitchen and dining area, with either two bedrooms or five bedrooms depending on what is needed courtesy of full ceiling-height sliding partition walls that can be moved seamlessly around the home to create extra rooms.

Aiming to take advantage of the stunning surrounding area, the home features large windows and a roof terrace that offers unmissable views, perfect for relaxing in on those long summer days.

To view the home in its entirety visit Alam-nac online for more information.

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