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Amazon Is Now Selling an Alexa Controlled Christmas Tree

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With modern technology controlling more and more of our home’s functionality, it may come as no surprise that Amazon has launched an Alexa powered Christmas tree.

Simply called Mr Christmas, this festive addition to your living room is fully controllable from the comfort of your own couch.

The faux evergreen has multiple voice functionalities that allows you to switch on the lighting options, including changing from red to green, yellow to blue, or purple to cyan.

Of course, there’s going all out too and opting for multi-colour, multi-fade or multi-twinkle.

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amazon alexa christmas tree

Amazon UK

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Even better, is that this genius tree can be scheduled to light up at the same time everyday.

If you love coming home to a little festive sparkle, Mr Christmas will turn on just when you want it to.

Good news too is you won’t be battling with a real Christmas tree this year, as Mr Christmas is rather user friendly.

Simply slide the tree sections together and the pre-wired pole-to-pole connection enables automatic lighting and eliminates messy cords.

No extra plugs necessary, lighting your tree and connecting to Alexa is as simple as plugging it in and using your voice.

The bad news, however, is Amazon’s 7’ Douglas fir isn’t the most purse friendly option around this Christmas.

It’s currently retailing for £283.54 which includes an import fee.

Mr Christmas has recently launched in the US, but is available on Amazon UK if you’re willing to spend the extra.

But if you already love switching on your lights with Alexa, then this might just be your new favourite thing!

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