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Amazon Now Has Its Very Own Furniture Range

© Amazon

Other than beautifully scented candles and adorable baby clothing, Amazon is now selling two new furniture lines to its already existent bespoke furniture range.

After deciding to expand its product market to furniture a couple of years ago, the online retail giant has been working on its private in-house range, and the result seems rather impressive.

With the additional two lines, Amazon is looking to offer a new destination for affordable, stylish homeware.

Alkove range

Amazon Alkove

Alkove has a natural look as the primary material of the range seems to be wood and earthy colour tones.

The overarching theme of the range is contemporary paneled design, with a rustic oak finish. 

Amazon Alkove

The metal handles and details add a modern twist to the collection. 

The collection price-point starts from £69.99

Movian Range

Amazon Movian

Movian has more of an edge and a modern style to it as the colour palette varies among minimalist white, grey and black.

Amazon Movian

The details and handles have a foil finish which compliments the modern look of the range.

Overall the collection has a stylish and perfectly practical design which could fit in most spaces and rooms.

The collection’s price-point starts from £49.99 and is available now via Amazon.

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