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This New Sustainable Light Collection Wants To Add a Third Dimension Into Homes

ammunition gantri light collection
© Ammunition & Gantri

Design studio Ammunition has teamed up with Gantri to create a collection of impressive environmentally friendly 3D-printed lights fit for every ethically-minded home in 2020.

The minimalist-focused range features sustainable elements across a unique range of light arrangements crafted from corn-based materials, encompassing three distinct shape options.

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Each light has been made using 3D printing technology and sustainable materials including corn, which helps to provide each light a beautiful and durable finish that helps the environment as well as illuminating homes.

The lights all use a unique corn PLA blend which has been formulated to create a warm, diffusive glow without affecting the colour temperature of the light source. Each translucent part is finished with a unique UV-protective layer.

ammunition gantri light collection

Ammunition & Gantri

The three different ranges are titled “Signal, Gio and Carve” with each containing lighting options for tables, free-standing on floors and wall-mounted silhouettes.

Each line has a very different vibe, focusing on individual design elements aimed at adding stylish new dimensions into spaces.

The signal line was designed with a sculptural approach in mind, which is marked by its horizontal slats across the front of each light.

The Carve range is meant to look like look as if it has been carved directly from stone, while the Gio collection has been inspired by 1970’s Italian design.

To view the entire Ammunition Gantri light collection visit Gantri online.

Prices for the Ammunition Gantri light collection start at £145 and are available exclusively at Gantri online.

For more information on the Ammunition Gantri light collection visit Gantri online.