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Anthropologie Is Selling the Dreamiest Organic Home Collection

© Anthropologie

For the hottest twist on natural resource materials, look no further than Anthropologie’s organic home collection that will create a whimsical bohemian look in a flash.

This jaw-dropping artisanal range features everything from furniture to curtains; lighting to home accessories and showcases some of the most on-trend materials of the moment including bamboo and rattan.

There’s the dreamiest rattan bed complete with beautiful decorative detail.

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anthropologie organic home

Kinsella Rattan Bed, Anthropologie

The most gorgeous collection of fringed, macrame and rattan lighting in simple, neutral colours.

Organic Lighting, Anthropologie

Not to mention the quirkiest collection of yucca textiles featured in throws and pillows that’ll give your bed a rustic, chic makeover.

Yucca Cushions and Throw, Anthropologie

If you’re looking for furniture and home accessories fit for a home decor queen, you won’t believe the intricate detail that’s present.

Ingrid Table Lamp / Beale Dresser, Anthropologie

To discover the full Anthropologie Organic & Artisanal Collection visit the official website.

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