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Get Ready To Embrace Spring and Summer Living with these Floral Homeware Accessories

anthropologie paule marrot

With thoughts of spring and summer time not far from our minds, we all love pondering what we can’t wait to add to our homes when it finally comes time to injecting colour and life into our homes.

After a long winter surrounded by neutral tones, solid colours and items with a sole purpose to insulate and heat us all, there is sometimes nothing better than getting ready to embrace the looming warmer weather.

And Anthropologie just gave us more reasons to get excited about the approaching seasons.

The homeware and clothing retailer has called upon the prolific Parisian designer Paule Marrot to create a stunning collection full of colours, upbeat design and floral patterns that everyone needs to consider adding to their homeware collection ahead of spring and summer.

Anthropologie partnered with Marrot Paris to develop a complete 40+ piece collection that brings the spirit of the Parisian living and floral design into every any home.

anthropologie paule marrot

The Trays and Boxes

The floral-rich collection, a staple of the Marrot design palette, cover accessories, including bedding, furniture, accessories, stationery, and more.

Simply put, you’re going to want everything. We have gathered our favourites to help offer an idea on what you could be enjoying when the mercury finally starts to rise.


anthropologie paule marrot

This floral wallpaper – with charming yellow squirrels hidden among the leaves – brings a whimsical touch to any room.

£140, Anthropologie


anthropologie paule marrot

This rounded, yoke-backed chair is inspired by the luxe decor of a midcentury cocktail lounge.

From £1,000, Anthropologie


anthropologie paule marrot

This bedding refreshes your space with its feminine motif and cheerfully bright hues.

From £140, Anthropologie


anthropologie paule marrot

This artful deskpad makes planning your week that much more enjoyable.

From £18, Anthropologie

For more information, or to view the entire collection, visit Anthropologie.

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