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People Who Live in Cities Will Soon Be Able to Grow Their Own Indoor Veg Patch Courtesy of Rotofarm

bace rotofarm garden

For those who long to grow their own fruit and veg, but live in homes without access to outdoor spaces, there’s now a unique way to get your green thumb fix from your kitchen counter.

Rotofarm, by Bace, is a countertop rotating hydroponic garden where plants and vegetables are grown by rotating around an artificial sun, ideal for those looking to grow fresh fruit and veg from inside their home.

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bace rotofarm garden


Using rotary hydrophonics to grow fruit, vegetables and plants was initially developed by NASA for use on the International Space Station.

The rotofarm uses the same principles from those space-age growing concepts, but gives it a practical non-interstellar adjustment for everyday homes.

Much like other rotating, hydrophonic systems, Rotofarm works without any soil, instead using a nutrient that is completely mess free, perfect for small homes, and water reservoirs to feed the plants.

The rotary design makes sure the plants turn in a full circle every hour and spend the rest of the time suspended upside down.


The unit can be plugged into any socket and has been created to be treated as a functioning garden. It will also slide seamlessly into most home decor environments with its stylish design.

The Bace Rotofarm garden is made from stainless steel, silicone, and strengthened smoked glass.

It includes an automated LED light tube that has been adjusted to increase the rate of photosynthesis and encourage faster plant growth.

The light has been divided into four separate zones that can be dimmed and timed to help home growers shed more or less light on particular plants.

To shield the rest of the house form the bright light used to grow the plants, there’s an optional magnetic cover that reduces the glare while still allowing your fruits and vegetables to be seen.

Rotoform is set to launch on Kickstarter soon.

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