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Adding a Splash of Colour to Your Home Is About to Become a Whole Lot Easier

backdrop paint

Painting your home is about to get a whole lot easier with a new concept shaking up the industry and making everyone rethink redecorating projects.

Backdrop is a revolutionary paint supply service aiming to transform the process of interior design and put the fun back into finding the perfect colour to make sure your home pops with life.

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While it’s sometimes a fun experience selecting a new colour for your bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen, it eventually descends into an overwhelming and exhausting process even for the most colour-savvy.

Anyone who has endeavored to pick out a new colour knows too many options is not always a good thing.

Husband and wife team Caleb and Nataile Ebel created Backdrop to make decorating your home fun again with a simple, and easy to use, process, that removes all the noise and unnecessary options.

Backdrop is an online hub where you can order your paint and supplies.

Backdrop offers a curated collection of 50 paint colours in just two finishes, all with fun names like Surf Camp and Harajuku Morning.

Backdrop weeds out all the multiple colour variations of a single shade to make sure you are not lost.

The result is a wide-ranging selection of shades and tones that offer versatility, but are not over-saturated with multiple variations of the same colour.


Backdrop also offers an interactive service that can calculate how much pant you will need to complete your project, plus all the paint accessories you’ll need for a redecorating session.

And if that wasn’t enough Backdrop have also partnered with the International Rescue Committee, a non-profit responding to humanitarian crisis’s all over the world. When you buy from Backdrop you are helping to support those families who have been displaced from their homes involuntarily.

Prices begin at £3 for a sample tin and go up to £40 for a gallon, additional shipping costs are added on checkout. All paints are available at Backdrop online.

For more information on Backdrop paint visit Backdrop online.

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