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These Bathmats Are about Adding Tropical Vibes to Your Home

banana bathmat

Tired of the typical plain, neutral coloured bathmats currently occupying your bath or shower room floors? Then we have something tropical you might be interested in.

Purveyors of the fun and eccentric, Urban Outfitters, are back with a banana themed bathmat which is perfect for those looking to add a bit of fun and colour to their bathrooms.

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banana bathmat

Urban Outfitters

Sometimes those pearly white bathrooms are just missing that little finishing touch to complete the room.

The banana bathmat is that tropical missing link. This colourful surprise os a fun addition that’ll work in any bath or shower room setting.

The mat features three fun bananas, all of which are covered in a water resistant fabric, perfect for those wet feet after a bath or shower.

And if you don’t want to stop at just the bathmat, why not add a those tropical vibes to your bedroom or living room with this fruity duvet set and banana pillow.

banana bathmat

Urban Outfitters

The banana bathmat is priced at £29.99 and pillow £49. The duvet set comes in three sizes; a single for £25, a double for £35, and king size for £45. All are available to buy at Urban Outfitters online.

For more information on the banana bathmat visit Urban Outfitters online.

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