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Bang and Olufsen Are Changing the Game with Their New Folding Television

bang olufsen beovision harmony

With televisions getting bigger, faster and stronger we are rarely shocked by what is next, but this new home television set could set a new bar for home entertainment systems.

What resembles more sculpture than functioning television, Bang and Olufsen revealed their latest big screen offering at the Milan Design Week – the Beovision Harmony– and it could truly be a revolutionary creation.

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bang olufsen beovision harmony

Bang and Olufsen

With an eye more on how televisions will blend into living spaces, the high-end Danish retailer continues its push to make its products appear more like sculptures than functional electronic appliances.

Hidden behind two beautifully crafted panels made from oak and aluminum, the Harmony’s thin OLED screen unveils itself like a butterfly opening its wings.

The idea of for the Harmony was that big screen televisions are rarely welcoming features in most living room spaces. Bang and Olufsen hope the Harmony becomes more than just a television, the electronic designers want it to become a meaningful object in homes that reduces the visual presence of the TV and is something that people will have an emotional attachment to.

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The Harmony features a revolutionary sound system which is hidden behind the panels and aims to optimise the acoustic performance when watching television.

The artistic design also incorporates a stunning 77-inch LG-made screen which will transform any television show, film or sporting event, into a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

Bang and Olufsen are currently showcasing the Harmony and other designs at the Milan Design Week.

The Beovision Harmony will be available to buy for £15,000 when it hits stores in the autumn.

For more information on the Harmony or other Bang and Olufsen products visit online.

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