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Fancy a Unique Camping Experience? Why Not Transform your Bed into a Tent

bed tent

Love the idea of camping but not quite keen on the whole being outside part? We might have something that’ll help campers who aren’t big fan’s of the outdoors.

The bed tent is exactly what it sounds like – a tent that mounts on top of your bed, transforming your bedroom and mattress into a tent.

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bed tent


Now, this very interesting take on camping is not just for those who aren’t keen on embracing nature and all of her glory, it has a number of other very practical uses.

The tent is ideal for those who share a dorm or bedroom, offering a bit more privacy and personal space to those who wouldn’t normally have much.

It’s a great place for reading, studying, meditating or just cutting yourself off from the world for an hour or two.

The tent can also block drafty winds circulating around your room, making sure you are sung while you are in bed.

The tent comes in two sizes, a twin or full queen, and features three entry and exit doors.

There are a number of different colours to choose from, including charcoal, blue mint, gray, pink, and white.

Prices start at £87.53, with an additional £8.08 delivery charge. To buy a bed tent visit Amazon online.

To view the bed tent in all of its glory, or for more information, visit Amazon online.

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