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12 Genuinely Chic Bedroom Door Decoration Ideas

© Jessica Kaminski  / TheStenciledBarn

Whether you’re moving into student accommodation for the first time or simply want to upgrade your rented home’s bedroom in style, your bedroom door can actually be a fantastic space to utilise.

Whether you fancy adding a bit of style to your room or are looking for some extra functionality, these bedroom door decoration ideas are easy to recreate and will add a bit of personality instantly.

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Door Mural

styleywalls / Etsy

A door mural works best when paired with the theme of your bedroom. Have a natural themed bedroom? Complete the look with a tranquil forest-themed mural.

Chalkboard Paint Door

A creative DIY project, why not transform your door into a magnetic chalkboard with this how-to guide?


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studded bedroom door

bedroom door decoration ideas

Johnny Miller

Add a bit of luxe to your bedroom by using studs to create a geometric patterned door. This DIY project opts for a romantic pink and gold colour theme.

via Martha Stewart

decorative Hanging storage

bedroom door decoration ideas


Combine door decoration with functionality by adding door hanging storage bags. Wooden pocket hangers come in funky and chic designs, plus added bonus is it stores absolutely everything.

washi tape door

Unusually Lovely

Add a little pop of personality to your doors with washi tape. You can get truly creative with designs or simply add a stripe of colour with this DIY guide.

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Personalise with a Name

bedroom door decoration ideas

TheStenciledBarn / Etsy

Adding your own name to your door may conjure up visions of your childhood bedroom but personalised door decals can be grown-up too with the right styling.

Wallpaper Door

You can wallpaper almost anything – including stairs and drawers – with removable wallpaper. Stick ‘n’ peel is your best friend.

Create a Gallery Door with Polaroids

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Jenna's bedroom door

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You’ve heard of a gallery wall but why not keep your memories closer by popping Polaroids on your bedroom door?

Alternatively, you could always place them around the door frame instead.

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Go for an Over-the-Door Hanger

Urban Outfitters

Find space for all your hanging nick nacks and create a spot of decoration on your door with a fun and funky over-the-door hanger.

Painted Door

Camilla Styles

Create a painted door in style with a subtle grey and white chevron design. This easy DIY tutorial can update your door in an instant.

via Camilla Styles

B&W Graphic Door

Black and white is forever a classic combination and blogger I Spy DIY takes the concept to new heights with her stunning door design.

Recreate it for yourself by following this simple DIY guide.

via I Spy DIY

Cork Bedroom Door

Driven by Decor

If you love to pin photos and leaflets to your wall, why not use the door space instead?  This creative tutorial from blogger Driven by Decor makes a door feel truly personal.

via Driven by Decor

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