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15 of the Best Bedroom Wall Colours That’ll Help You Always Enjoy a Good Night Sleep

bedroom wall colours

After a long day at work, no one enjoys climbing into a bed inside a dank, unrelaxing and frustrating bedroom, it needs to be a place were all of the day’s worries and stresses are left at the door, where you can unwind in peace.

Making sure you have the perfect bedroom feel is important not just for relaxing but also allowing you to recharge for a new day – but where to start?

Creating a bedroom that’s energizing and mood-boosting can make it a whole lot easierto preapre for a new challenge each day. And since colours and light dramatically affect our mood, there’s a strong case for a making sure you introduce new hues into the bedroom.

Choosing that perfect paint colour for your bedroom, however, can often be tricky business. We can all agree the shade you eventually choose for the bedroom should embody some degree of peacefulness and tranquility—although, of course, those words mean very different things to each person.

There are any number of different ways to go when changing the colour of a bedroom. From the light and bright options injecting life and vibrancy, to coastal pastels exuding an aura of seaside calm or dark and somber tones for a much more serious feeling.

When selecting paint colors for the bedroom take your cues from the fabrics used on bedding, window treatments and homeware accessories.

Whether you are looking to introduce pops of colour with an eclectic range of paint, artwork, wallpaper or other inventive room altering ideas, you’ll find some inspiration to possibly emulate from these stunning examples of picturesque bedroom examples below.

Go Wooden

bedroom wall colours


For something completely different, why not turn your back on traditional paint and wallpaper options, and instead go for a natural look with wood paneling.

Liven up the walls with a story

Mixed patterns and texture can often create that perfect cosy feeling.

While it’s a little less up-to-date with today’s tastes, these wall colours in a master bedroom still manage to communicate a strong sense of peace and relaxation.

Green and Nature

bedroom wall colours


The most relaxing colours are greens, blues, and grays. And here is an example of how stunning a green themed room works in a bedroom.

As a mid-tone shade, this green colour from Benjamin Moore makes a statement, but it ever loses its calming touch.


bedroom wall colours


This pastel oasis is proof that you can decorate with colour while still being understated, almost minimalist.

Though it’s bursting with colour, this bedroom still manages to exude levels of calmness and serene energy.

Go bold with Dark Hues

While we often think of bright whites and crisp, light colours when trying to open up a smaller space or create a relaxing, safe bedtime haven, there’s also a strong case for going darker to achieve that look and feel.

In fact, darker tones are known to amplify smaller spaces, especially those with little natural light.

Not to mention, they can also set that perfect mood in the bedroom.

Deep Red

bedroom wall colours


Dark and moody colours aren’t for everyone, but if you appreciate their dramatic effect, they can be very calming.

The trick is to stick with dark, regal notes for full effect.

Colour Blocking

bedroom wall colours


If you want to keep colour from overpowering your space, colour blocking is the solution.

There are plenty of ways to play with this simple, yet effective, design trend, from more subtle and simple toning to the more dramatic.


bedroom wall colours


Flowers brighten-up any space, why not add them permanently to your room with floral pattern designs.

A lovely floral wall design adds colour and sets the tone of the entire space, all in one fell swoop.

Feelin’ Blue

bedroom wall colours


Blue is one of the most relaxing colours ever, which is part of why this bedroom example is just so dreamy.

Blue is naturally soothing, but it’s shades like this one that really keeps the vibe relaxed.


bedroom wall colours


Not only do these bright turquoise walls add colour, but the vibrant, patterned pillows, blue lamp and other homeware accessories all combine to make the space feel extra fun.

Bright white

bedroom wall colours


The go-to, favourite colour for everyone is white, and there is little to argue about why it just works so well.

It’s a warmer tone with just enough oomph to light up the walls while still remaining calm and unobtrusive.

There will never be a night when you don’t climb into bed and quickly drift to sleep.

Soothing beige

bedroom wall colours


Beige, not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s light enough to keep the room feeling airy, yet dark enough to make a statement.

It’s cool enough to be relaxing, yet the hint of warmth is just enough to prevent any chilliness.

Grey tones

If you want a mid-tone colour that makes its presence known, yet doesn’t make a fuss, then grey is the colour for you.

The colour has a somewhat formal vibe, making it a good choice for a traditionally-styled bedroom that aims for a relaxing, calm feel.

Lovely Lavender

bedroom wall colours


Everything about lavender is appealing—even its scent encourages relaxation.

With notes of power, this colour perfect works when trying for something different in the bedroom.

It also oozes a regal nature, and who doesn’t love that.

Add Art

Never underestimate the power of art to completely transform the bedroom.

Adding art to any room is a simple way to create that perfect escape and this example shows how artwork accentuates a seaside vibe.

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