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6 Garden Bedroom Pods Way Cooler Than Your Home

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With sustainability on everybody’s minds, the eco-pod – or garden bedroom pod as it can be known – has grown in popularity.

Often constructed using environmentally friendly elements, the idea is that the pod fits seamlessly into your garden creating the ultimate relaxation point.

Eco-friendly aside, however, it’s also become a bit of a chic and stylish alternative to your actual bedroom/ office / lounge room at home.

After all, who doesn’t want to fully the embrace the beauty of natural surroundings and watch the stars at night?

These perfect picks will make you want set up camp immediately.  We can only dream!

Farmer’s Cottage Pod

John Lewis

Seating up to twelve guests, this incredible futuristic pod is the ultimate statement piece for your outdoor space. You could also customise your interior, creating a space with extra leg room and first-class comfort.

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Geometric Glass Dome


If you really want to see the stars up close, this geometric glass dome may not look eco-friendly but it’s actually made from 100% recyclable PVC material giving you a full 360 degree view.

Garden Camping Pod

garden bedroom pod

Quick Garden

Quite possibly the quintessential wish list addition, this ultimate camping pod is one stylish upgrade to your garden shed. It’s also ecologically made of Nordic pine or Scandinavian spruce – way too good to store your spades!

ritz Outdoor Day Bed

Hadley Rose

Completely weather proof and extremely low maintenance, the Ritz Collection comes in a variety of colours just perfect for lazing in style.

Garden Pod Hideout

garden bedroom pod

Garden Hideouts

This garden pod could almost be your next mini home. The upholstered seating can actually convert into a double bed, while you can also choose solar panels or outdoor decking!

Rattan Daybed

garden bedroom pod

Rattan Daybed, Mattress Man

Embrace cosy comfort in your very own stylish rattan daybed complete with the dreamiest neutral interiors.

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