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Get Green-Fingered Inspiration With the 10 Best Gardening Instagram Accounts

When it comes to gardening inspiration, pictures speak louder than words. You can read all you want about gardening practice – and it is important to actually know how to do it – but seeing a beautiful garden image can actually spark you into action.

We’ve carefully chosen the 10 best gardening Instagram accounts 2019 and we hope they will get your green fingers twitching and itching to get out there and create your own little plot of paradise.

Debby Tenquist – @Debbytenquist

Debby Tenquist’s Instagram account is a fantastic source of landscaping and garden design inspiration. She posts pics of gorgeous flowers and stunning gardens from all over the UK that will be sure to get your internal garden cogs whirring.

Botanical Addiction – @botanical_addiction

This account is as much of an art project as it is a botanical imagery project. The compositions are striking; sometimes minimalist, sometimes bold and busy. Images of plants placed around the home will give you great ideas for indoor growing.

Erin Harding – @cleverbloom

Creator of this account, Erin Harding, is author of ‘How to Raise a Plant and Make it Love You Back’. She manages to gracefully combine her love of her family and love of plants in this heartwarming account. If you are looking for stunning indoor florae inspiration, look no further.

Catherine Chenery – @catherine_clc

Catherine Chenery was the winner of the RHS People’s Choice Award in 2015, indicating that she knows her stuff when it comes to gardening. Her garden, botanical, floristry and wreath-making skills are combined with an expert eye for composition in these stunning photographs.

Martha – @marfskitchen

This account is DIY gardening at its best. Martha documents the journey of her seedlings from soil to market on her London allotment. Expect to see lots of ‘down-to-earth’ shots of mucky hands pulling up self-grown fruit and veg.  After a quick scroll down you’ll be wanting to grow your own. Very satisfying.

Darryl Cheng – @houseplantjournal

The interiors trend for houseplants this year is personified by Darrel Cheng’s Instagram account. Combining garden greenery with interior design doesn’t get much better than this account. Worth a visit if only for the mesmerising botanical time-lapses that pop up from time to time.

Alice Vincent – @Noughticulture

Alice Vincent gives an honest account of the trials and tribulations of urban gardening. She’s the author of ‘How to Grow Stuff’ which is packed full of tips for anyone who can’t seem to keep houseplants alive. Her Instagram stories are also a great resource for gardening tips.

Khaled – @theplantcharmer

Khaled is a self-styled ‘vertical farmer’ who specialises in growing up the way in various clever ways. In one photograph he highlights his use of over-the-door shoe organisers to grow greens and strawberries, which he then ties to a fence. Come on, that’s worth a follow alone!

Geo Fleur – @geofleur

This account gets on our list simply for introducing us to the phrase ‘plant shelfie’. Genius! This page is more than just ‘shelfie’s’ though, it’s a potted plant paradise. The compositions are very artfully created and will have you eager to nip to the local garden centre for a few plant-related purchases.

Gardenista Sourcebook – @gardenista_sourcebook

This account combines professional imagery with a strong focus on garden design. If you are looking to expand your gardening horizons and get some top tips for sprucing up your outdoor living space, this account is a must-follow.

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By Jamie Cameron