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These Outdoor Christmas Lights Will Make Your Home and Garden Sparkle

Christmas is a time of contrasts. It’s about making the effort and then sitting back and enjoying the magic you have created. You’ll want to make your home look festively fabulous inside and out and there’s no better way to achieve this than a bit (or a lot) of Christmas sparkle.

There is such a wide variety of outdoor Christmas lights available that we thought we’d narrow it down to the very best styles on offer. This year your home and garden will never have been so sparkly and your neighbours will never be more jealous!

100 blue LED connectable lights

best outdoor christmas lights 2018

Christmas Trees and Lights

You could really choose to make a statement by covering an entire tree with these beautiful blue electric fairy lights, or simply a tree trunk or smaller feature.

The great thing about these lights is that you can connect up to 8 sets and ultimately have 80 metres and 800 lights.

They come in strings of 10 metres and as they are LEDs they use very little power and will last up to 500 times longer than conventional bulbs.

£19.99, Christmas Trees and Lights

240 LED cool white meteor shower lights

White Stores

These dripping icicle lights resemble a meteor shower and also have a ‘waterfall’ function that creates even more of a dripping effect.

Meteor shower lights can be hung on trees, over bannisters, overhanging the roof and anywhere you can think of to create an elegant frozen lightscape.

These lights offer 8 x 30cm tubes which house 30 LED energy efficient lights per tube. They come with a 3m cable to plug into the mains.

£22.99, White Stores

frosted ice white LED icicle chasing lights

Christmas Trees and Lights

These star-like icicle lights are versatile and ideal for decorating outside buildings or around trees to create spectacular light displays.

Controllable functions mean you can choose the pattern and rapidity of the light display. There is also a static setting if you prefer a more stable light show.

From £16.99, Christmas Trees and Lights

Fairybell Outdoor Christmas Tree

Lights 4 Fun

Yes this is a 4 metre tall Christmas tree made entirely out of  lights! The 640 LEDs that make up this ‘tree’ give off a wonderful, warming golden glow for a real wow factor.

It’s a real showstopper and will surely be one of tallest, most impressive outdoor Christmas lights on your street.

This impressive piece can be assembled in 15 minutes and stored in its original box when the festivities are over. It comes with a 10m lead cable from the plug.

£299.99, Lights 4 Fun

Christmas reindeer collection

Lights 4 Fun

You really will be the envy of the street with these adorable light up reindeer collection. Take your pick from porch, drive, front lawn, but just make sure these guys are visible.

The reindeers are made up of 260 LEDs evenly spread along a transparent cable which is twisted around the frame.  There’s also several designs to choose from.

From £19.99, Lights 4 Fun

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