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Get the 1950s look with these retro kitchen appliances

Retro is a look that, ironically, never seems to date. There’s nothing quite like a hearty dose of nostalgia to inject a bit of personality in your home, while there’s a real timeless quality to the look and feel of the products.

So it’s no wonder lots of people are choosing to go retro when it comes to interior design. And, with all its appliances, the kitchen is the easiest room to get that 50s retro look  – modern features included.

Smeg temperature control kettlebest retro kitchen appliances

This sleek, elegant design certainly looks the retro part but we bet 1950s kettles never had features like this one. This Smeg kettle has variable temperature control with 7 options to choose from.

This allows you can have your perfectly brewed cuppa at exactly the temperature you prefer. This kettle is built to last, made of a stainless steel body and available in a range of colours. It even has a removable filter and a three year guarantee included.

£159.95, John Lewis

Russell Hobbs 4 slice toaster

This toaster has all the charm of a 50s appliance but with modern features such as fast toasting technology. It has a 4 slice capacity but with the option to toast two at a time to save energy if you only need to toast two slices.

There are 6 levels of toasting to choose from, so you surely will be able to find your perfect setting. It features a retro-looking gauge that shows how long the toasting process has left. Colours available are cream, red, black, white and blue.

£79.99, Currys

Swan slow cooker

Incredibly classic retro design and a bargain to boot, what’s not to love? The slow cooker was introduced to market in the 1950s as the latest innovation in home cooking.

Products that made household chores easier were seen as must have items when ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’. This model allows you to gently simmer your food hassle-free without overcooking or burning and features a removable pot that you can serve straight on to the table.

£20.99, Wayfair

Russell Hobbs manual microwave

This retro microwave really goes back to basics when it comes to style and design – it’s compact and attractive. There’s no confusing electronic keypad or plethora of options here, now usually favoured by modern microwaves.

One dial selects from one of 6 power levels and the other selects the cooking time required. It’s as simple as that! The microwave will then light up inside while cooking’s in progress, and a ringer will sound to let you know when it’s done. It’s nice to keep things simple sometimes.

£54.99, Amazon

Coca Cola vending machine kitchen roll holder

Harness the spirit of a 50s diner with this totally kitsch kitchen ‘appliance’. Of course it doesn’t actually vend Coca Cola but it is a very funky way to deal with the problem of rogue kitchen rolls lying around.

This is a nice, colourful touch that will add lots of fun to your retro kitchen, especially when contrasted with your more elegant and simplistic appliances.

£16.99, Amazon

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By Jamie Cameron