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These Candles Explain your Zodiac, Numerology, and Tarot Based on your Birthday

birthdate candle collection

If you’re always in search of hidden meaning into when you were born, a new candle range wants to delve into your inner self by shining a light on your astrological destiny.

Birthdate candles are a range of candles highlighting the importance of someones birthday, detailing their zodiac sign, ruling planet, strengths and weaknesses, as well as a thorough personality description. Basically, giving you every hidden meaning behind you, your family, or friends date of birth.

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After growing up in a traditional Indian household where astrology is widely used to determine when you should get married, who you should get married to, where you should live, and what job you should have, founder Ajay Mehta created Birthdate candles to try to bring astrological meaning to the masses.

The bespoke scents include detailed information based on astrological readings of the signs they’re representing.

In addition to astrology, the candles showcase your ruling number and tarot card, both of which are explained in detail on the back of the candle.

The best bit is no two candles share the same scent. Each candle is made in accordance with the reading, meaning someone’s birthday on the 29 August is different to that of someone’s on the 31 August.

The Birthdate candle collection, which all have a soy, coconut, and apricot wax blend, can burn between 60 to 80 hours.

Each candle in the Birthdate candle collection is priced at £30, with additional delivery charges included, and are available at Birthdate Candles online.

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