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These are Some Of the Best Deals on Baking Accessories Throughout the Holiday Sale Season

black friday baking ideas
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Being a great baker is a year-long commitment. In the spring, there’s cakes to be made, summertime’s ripe for some pineapple upside downs and autumn’s all about pumpkin pie and banana bread.

What about winter? Bring on the boozy fruit cake, Victoria sponge cake, shortbread and sweet treats that come from further afield, such as baklava and Turkish delight.

To help make sure everyone has all the kit necessary to make mouthwateringly good treats this December, these are some of the best Black Friday baking ideas on baking accessories available right now.

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black friday baking ideas


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Silicon Non-Stick Baking Mats

black friday baking ideas


Any baker knows greaseproof paper isn’t non-stick, and when you try and use it because you’re out of baking paper, horror ensues.

Biscuits get stuck and cakes look like carnage, ripping in half as you try to prise them from their baking tin.

That problem could be gone forever thank to silicon non-stick baking mats. These easy to clean floppy life-savers are ideal liners for a baking tray of biscuits, and you can even get them in round shapes for pizzas and cakes too.

£12.43, Amazon

Bread Making Kit


If bread is more your gift recipient’s thing, this bread making kit is the ideal way to take their loaves from middle of the road to upper crust.

The kit contains a banneton proofing basket with a linen liner, so crusts will have that gloriously artisanal spiral finish on the top.

There’s also a bread scoring tool, so they can score pre-baked bread and create beautiful patterns that bloom in the oven.

More of a baguette fan? Luckily there’s a baguette pan in the box, as well as a professional dough cutter and bowl scraper too, for easy slicing, segmenting and scooping.

£39.99, Amazon

Lékué 300 Ml Bread Maker


If your friend’s a messy baker who needs to just consolidate their kit, then the Lékué 300 ml Bread Maker could be the perfect gift.

In this single silicone bowl, bread can be mixed, proved (the raising process), kneaded, proved again, shaped and finally, baked.

Yep – it can be baked in the bowl, so a freshly baked loaf of bread could result in as little as one big item to wash up.

£14.99, Amazon



Bread bakers who don’t have bread ovens need cloches in their lives, it’s that simple. T

his earthenware bell-shaped baking tool consists of a rimmed base and a lid.

Simply, heat it up, put your proved bread inside, cover it and say goodbye to bready dough and hello to a beautiful, crusty artisanal loafs.

The base acts like a pizza stone, making the bottom of the loaf spring up at the sides. Meanwhile, the lid locks in steam, so you get the best crust possible this side of a professional bakery.

£24.47, Amazon

Cake Decorating Kit


This won’t be one for the expert cake master, but the Kalane cake decorating kit packs almost everything you need to hit the ground running and create decorated cake sensations.

It has everything from piping bags to palette knives for fine-tuned frosting, a horizontal cake cutter for perfect sandwich cakes and even a flower nail for anyone who wants to try out some pro techniques.

£15.97, Amazon

Matroska Measuring Cups

black friday baking ideas


Measuring is arguably the least enjoyable part of baking, but it needn’t be with these fun measuring cups. The 6-cup set goes from a quarter of a cup, through to 1-cup measures.

As the name suggests, they look like Matroska Russian dolls, with one cup fitting inside the other for space-saving storage. The bottoms and tops of each doll are also flattened, so not only do the Matroska dolls stand on her heads – but all the measures are self-standing too.

£6.99, Amazon

Unicorn Scales

black friday baking ideas


If you’ve been searching for a gift for a prince, princess or anyone in between who wants their bakes to be the prettiest, sparkliest things ever existed, you can stop here.

Household name Salter has put the magic into measuring, launching a set of unicorn scales.

Don’t be disarmed by the rainbows, this thing means business, with a premium finish, big, easy to read numbers and a battery included in the box.

£34.71, Amazon

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Bogey Man Egg Seperator

black friday baking ideas


For a slice of novelty, this black friday baking ideas couldn’t be more perfect.

This mug may look like someone under the weather, but it’s so much more. Fill it up with eggs, tip it to the side a little, and the whites stream from the ailing gent’s nose like… well, bogey.

Horrible and handy in equal measure, it’s a perfect gift for kids or grandkids who want to get into baking, but haven’t quite mastered the art of egg separating yet.

£6.97, Amazon

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Amazon Echo Show

black friday baking ideas


Without a doubt, the handiest thing in our kitchen when our hands are loaded up with dough is the Echo Show – a voice-activated dream.

“Alexa, what’s 280 degrees Fahrenheit in centigrade?”
“Alexa, show me a recipe for vegan chocolate cake”
“Alexa, play the Great British Bake Off soundtrack”

If you’re looking for a useful techy Black Friday baking ideas for your star baker who struggles with conversions and loves to bake to tunes, then fun meets function in this range of voice assistants.

£79.99, Amazon

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