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You Can Now Transport Your Bedroom To Another Galaxy

blisslights skylite projector

Bedroom lighting can often be boring and uninspiring, that could be about the change courtesy of a new light projector that’s literally out of this world.

The Skylite projector from BlissLights is a new light capable of transporting rooms to an alternate galaxy with its use of lights shining a range of impressive star constellations onto walls, ceilings and floors – perfect for wannabe stargazers.

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blisslights skylite projector


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The impressive night light shines a universe of moving green stars against a stunning blue nebula cloud, transforming rooms into intergalactic hideaways.

All of the lights are LED and feature a built-in six hour timer to make sure the light is not on all night.

The projector can be adjusted with a tilting base and also has three different brightness settings to help enhance or reduce the light show, perfect for those who struggle to get to sleep at night or kids looking for something different in their rooms.

There are also a number of different projection modes to make sure you never get bored of the same constellation shows.

The impressive light is not restricted to just bedrooms, it could also be used to transform living rooms, kitchens, even classrooms for teaching kids about the universe.

The Blisslights Skylite projector is priced at £50, with additional delivery costs, and is available from Blisslights online.

For more information on the Blisslights Skylite projector visit Blisslights online.

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