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Elevate Your Home With This Very Fashion-Forward Plant Vase

bodega rose louis vuitton
© Bodega Rose

Luxury fashion has never been one to stick to the runways of Paris and Milan, and to keep with that trend Bodega Rose has unveiled a new vase inspired by one of Louis Vuitton’s iconic accessories.

Hand-crafted by designer and landscape architect Olivia Rose, the new Louis Vuitton vase has been created to resemble the Speedy bag, and aims to add a touch of luxury fashion to plants and homes this summer.

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Bodgea Rose is a modern creative studio run by Rose, focusing on giving new meaning to interior and garden design.

Hand-crafted by Rose, the latest creation uses a mould created from an authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag.

The vase includes all of the iconic monogram branding, stitching, and intricate details most associated with LV.

The vase has a opening at the top of the bag, through its zipper, where plants go, and can hold a bouquet of flowers or other indoor and outdoor plants.

The Louis Vuitton vase is part of a wider collection by Bodega Rose, which includes a Nike basketball planter, Nike Air Jordan 1 planter, a New York coffee cup planter, and a Margiela Tabi shoe planter.

To view the entire Bodgea Rose planter collection visit Bodega Rose online.

The Bodega Rose Louis Vuitton bag is priced at £500. Unfortunately, there are only 10 pieces of the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag vase available. To order visit Bodega Rose online.

For more information on the Bodega Rose Louis Vuitton bag vase visit Louis Vuitton online.

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