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These Bohemian Interior Ideas Will Have You Embracing a New Boho Lifestyle

Perfectly ordered interiors are nice but what if you are looking for something a bit different? Something that doesn’t look quite so organised?

Bohemian interior styling is not new to the world, but for those who are looking to explore their artistic side, it can create quite an impact.

Going bohemian is all about layering patterns, mixing colours, and adding a variety of furniture designs and styles.

If you are looking to inject your home with a slice of bohemian living, these ideas can help…

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Add a touch of wood

Bohemian Interior Ideas


At its core, bohemian living is about nature and loving the simple things in life.

This example illustrates all the boho lifestyle vibes that can be achieved by making the most of wood decor all over the home.

New York Loft


New York living is a goal of many, but few actually achieve it. However, you can replicate the style with some bohemian/New York accessories.

Big sofa’s and chairs, large street facing windows, side tables and lively colours are the simplest way to recreate your very own slice of Manhattan.

Boho Kids


Boho living is not just reserved for adult living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and other feature rooms in the house, the kids can embrace the vibe as well.

Bright colours along with peaches, pinks, and purples, combined with throws, long, draping curtains, and fun furniture, are the all that’s need to transform your kids bedroom or playroom into a bohemian escape.

Simple Boho Island Living


Strip back all the “stuff” in your home and go back to basics with this simple, yet stunningly creative boho accessory filled room.

Chairs, tables, rugs, vases and colour tones can all transform your home into a beautiful bohemian island.

Boho Chic


By adding an attractive mix of patterned upholstery and varying colour accents can give rooms that bohemian upgrade you have always been looking for.

Play with patterns


From the colourful wall fixture to floor rug and bed throw, this room is full of delightful boho design statements.

All are not difficult to add to your home and are quick ways of injecting your space with splashes of bohemian styling.

Beach house vibes

bohemian interior ideas


Who wouldn’t love to live beside the beach?

If you can’t move to the beach, then bring the beach to you with wooden features, indoor plants and ocean vibes.

Relaxed Cali stucco

bohemian interior ideas


Embracing a bit of outdoor living and inserting it indoors is bohemian living one-o-one.

Touches of greenery, natural colours and outdoor-style furniture are all basic boho space staples.

Embrace the colour wheel

bohemian interior ideas


Boho living is about bucking the trend, not conforming to one feature and going all out on what you want.

That includes colour.

Go all out on colour, there is never enough varying tones in bohemian homes.

Green living

bohemian interior ideas


Whether it is adding wood, outdoor style furniture, or natural colours, nothing says bohemian living than houseplants and greenery.

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