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These Upside-Down Christmas Trees Are Turning Festive Decor On Its Head

boskke sky planter
© Boskke

If you are in search of Christmas decorations that’ll literally turn the festive season on its head, upside-down plant-pots could be the answer.

Urban gardening experts Boskke have created the Sky Planter, an award-winning plant pot offering a unique way to decorate homes this festive period – hanging them from the ceiling,

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The incredibly unique planters not only offer a refreshing new green living aspect to homes, they are instant attention grabbers and talking points. Perfect for standing out this festive season.

The Sky planters use a clever double irrigation system that keeps the the plant secured and well watered. Owners simply insert their greenery into the pot as they’d normally do with traditional plant pots, and close over the plant with a lid. To keep watered, a small reservoir system called “the slo-flo” supplies the plant with water and feed without any spilling or dripping onto the floor.

boskke sky planter


Owners can decorate the plants as they would baby Christmas trees, with tinsel, baubles and a host of the other festively-themed ornaments.

The plants are perfect for those homes looking to embrace the festive season with something a little different. They are also perfect decorations for homes without much free space.

To view the entire Sky Planter collection visit Bosske online.

Prices for the Boskke Sky Planters range from £20 for a pair of small pots to £90 for a large ceramic planter. All products are available from Boskke online.

For more information on the Boskke sky planters visit Boskke online.

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