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This New Candle Collection Is the Perfect Aromatherapy for Millennial Homes

boy smells candles

For millennials, some candles just don’t give off a vibe that’ll transform a home into a relaxing zen zone.

Boy Smells could have something to change that, their new home fragrance line called Chromesthesia aims to use its scents to enhance sounds that produce colour imagery in the brain, while also infusing the home with delightful smells.

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boy smells candles

Boy Smells

Boy Smells, the brand behind affordable luxury home candles, have introduced a new collection targeting the ever restless and difficult to understand millennial generation.

The new range, titled the Chromesthesia Series, comes in three delicately produced scents all with the purpose of evoking the visual impression of colour prompted by the smells from each candle.

Each scent is designed in coordination with the colour of its packaging and combine a wide range of essential oils.

The three scents are Ambrosia, featuring mandarin peel, rosemary and vanilla, Anjelica, which includes lemon, bitter orange, jasmine and angelica seeds, and Dynasty, filled with rhubarb, pink peppercorn and tulip.

Each candle is priced at £30, plus a delivery charge, and are available from Boy Smells online.

For more information on Boy Smells, or the Chromesthesia colletion, visit Boy Smells online.

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