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A Ceramics Company Is Bringing Politics to the Kitchen Table with a Range of Political Homeware Items

brexit homeware collection

As Brexit rages on, there is a homeware company who are harnessing our love or hate for the divisive political topic with ceramic creations.

In the tradition of political pottery, Brexitware have designed a range of kitchenware items that chronicle the events of Brexit to help families make the light of the troubling situation.

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brexit homeware collection


If you are like everyone else in the UK who are suffering through enormous fatigue over the European withdrawal process, what better way to make the most of the situation than with Brexit themed kitchenware.

Designed and created in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, the intricate range of specially designed Brexit themed ceramics are perfect for families who have a range of opinions on the political subject.

brexit homeware collection


Included in the collection are a pair of blue and white egg cups printed with the words “hard brexit” and “soft brexit” for those who stand on both sides, a tea cup and saucer set with “UncertainTEA” inscribed on it for the unsure.

And if you need a reminder of how it all started there is pair of traditional China plates depicting the history of brexit.

The collection ranges in price from £50 and £29.99 for the China plate designs, £45 for the UncertainTea cup and saucer, and £21.50 for the egg cup holders. All of items are available at Brexitware online.

For more information on the Brexit homeware collection visit Brexitware online.

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