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Your Home Needs This New Drippy, Textured Homeware Collection

When it comes to homeware and accessories, there simply isn’t enough you can own and this new fun collection could be the next set that adds an abundance of fun and colour to your home.

With an aim of adding a bit of style and design to homeware, ceramics artist Brian Giniewski has partnered with London-based online retailer Goodhood to deliver a collection of fun and colourful pots that look like food and drink are actually spilling out of them.

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Day-to-day, homeware items can often be bland and very samey, an aspect Giniewski is hoping to alter with this fun and very bright, ceramic collection.

The drippy range comes in various shapes, sizes, uses, and colour ways, all with unique and fun names.

From avocado, bubblegum, plum, fluff, saffron, to onyx and much more, the Giniewski range is packed with delightful homeware items that’ll fit into any home.

The collection includes vases, flower pots, bowls, mugs and tumblers, all of which look great individually but as one big unit are even more impressive.

Giniewski’s idea is that once you have one pot you’ll want to pair it with other items in the collection, because what is better than one drippy pot? Than two drippy pots.

The ceramic designer has made sure the collection works as one cohesive unit and looks best as a complete family.

Prices for the drippy collection range from £24 for small pinch bowls up to £82 for vases.

To view the complete collection visit Brian Giniewski or at Goodhood online.

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