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Bring Nature Indoors by Creating These DIY Vertical Gardens

© Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Living in a big city definitely has its perks, however one thing that we often miss is not only the look of greenery but also the sensation of it in general.

We’ve touched upon the benefits of artificial indoor plants and we’re taking that one step further with vertical gardens.

Vertical gardens are a great way not only to utilise empty wall space, but they can also act as a great decorative piece for those empty and dry white walls.

There’s no need for a garden architect to create something like this. You can make it your DIY project to enhance your home or office space.

Drop hanging pots

Photo by Red Magazine, Pinterest

Pegboard vertical garden

Photo by apartmenttherapy.com

This is a pretty inexpensive way for you to mount plants on your wall. You can get all the materials from IKEA or your nearest store that sells wire to create your frame.

Shelf garden


Photo by bettergardensomfp.info

Pretty self-explanatory, but this is a creative way to decorate empty space with shelves and all your favourite plants.

Wall planter boxes

Photo by woolworthusa.com

These boxes are made of eco friendly and non toxic materials for a safe, long term use. The pockets are designed with felt material which retains water and release slowly for the perfect soil condition.


Photo by collective-evolution.com

The NutriTower is a vertical hydroponic system specifically designed for indoor use. The patent-pending vertical lighting design and the gravity fed nutrient delivery system make this the most effective way of growing food in your home year round.

Self-Watering Vertical Garden

Photo by mymodernmet.com

These vertical gardens, are made of wood and water themselves three times a week, with the water supply needing to be replenished weekly.

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