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Brighten Up Your Home With One of These Cute Bubble Tea Lamps

bubble tea lamp

Bubble tea has taken over the world in recent years with its yummy sweetness and now you’ll be able to light up your home with one of the cute bono filled cups.

Smoko, the Japanese company behind delightful lamps including a dumpling and sushi roll and even a toast hand warmer, have revealed their latest lighting creation – a lamp in the form of a bubble tea cup.

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bubble tea lamp


Whether you are in search of a cute piece of home decor, need something relaxing to keep you company at night, or a smiling distraction for your work desk, this light-up tea cup couldn’t be more perfect.

The friendly lamp requires just three AAA batteries to brighten up a room, and will automatically shut off after an hour to preserve battery life.

The 5 cm by 3 cm by 3 cm lamp comes with removable boba balls, ideal for any inquisitive small children who might open the cup and swallow one of them, a fun pink straw, and no annoying wires.

The Bubble tea lamp is priced at £10, with a delivery free added, and is available for pre-order at Smoko online now.

For more information on the Smoko Bubble Team Lamp visit Smoko online.

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