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A Butter Keeper Needs To Be Your Next Kitchen Purchase

Whether you are taking your first steps into a decluttered life or you are looking to complete the process, a butter keeper is a must have for every home.

If you are trying to simplify and declutter your life, thanks Marie Kondo, then finding a home for everything from your clothes, paper documents, books and food has become very important, and now you’ll need a place to store your butter?

Yes, your next kitchen purchase will be a place to give your butter somewhere to live when it is not being used, and make sure you never struggle for softened, room temperature delicious butter again.


butter keeper ideas

£12.59, Nisbets

The Original Butter kEEPER Bell Crock

butter keeper ideas

£32.39, Amazon

Charcoal Butter kEEPER

butter keeper ideas

£20, Amara

Harbour Blue Rim Butter Keeper

butter keeper ideas

£15, John Lewis & Partners

Eres Butter Keeper

butter keeper ideas

£22, Anthropologie

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