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Smart Ideas To Help You Organise Those Annoying Loose Wires

Whether it be phone cords, television wires, speaker systems or charging ports, cord clutter can often get out of hand and always seem like an impossible task to organise.

No one enjoys having loose wires strewn across the floor, wall or desk. It can often be an eyesore and destroy the home aesthetic you are trying to create. That no longer has to be the case with a collection of wire clutter solutions now available that’ll help you hide all of those loose wires no on likes to have on display, and help you clean up your home or desk space.

There are small, subtle clips that can be attached to desks or bedside tables, boxes that hide a collection wires or wraps that tidy up all of those cables behind a computer or television into a single space.

Solving cable clutter has now never been easier with these simple solutions.


Mini Cable clips

Cable clutter ideas

£8.29, Amazon

Cord Wrap

£2, Bobino

Cable Sleave

Cable clutter ideas

£9.99, Currys PC World

Cable Box

Cable clutter ideas

£24.24, Amazon

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