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You Can Now Buy Calpol Wax Melts to Make Your Home Smell Interestingly Fragrant

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We all know candles are a great way to bring warmth and atmosphere to a room but you probably didn’t think it could also evoke childhood memories.

Calpol wax melts are the latest bizarre trend to light up the internet and it’s most certainly the scent you never knew you needed.

Anyone who remembers strawberry flavour Calpol in particular will recall its distinctive scent.

This wax melt – suitably called ‘Pink Medicine’ – is available via Etsy and is described as “similar to the medicine given to children.”

The wax melts replicate well-known household brands

It features a pale baby pink colouring complete with a scent of  “fresh strawberries, raspberries and red berries topped with a blast of sparkling citrus migled with creamy vanilla in the base”.

The wax is made using soy wax and high quality fragrance oils to replicate the smell of Calpol.

It’s the latest trend in scented home candles to emerge, following various other crazy scents.

If you love Mugler’s Alien Eau de Parfum, for instance, you can actually buy your very own wax melt version.

Then there’s ones that smell like toffee apple, Soap and Glory or even Comfort fabric softener.

Available for only £2 each from seller ‘Lovesoyandgifts’ you might just find yourself collecting them all…

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