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This Candle Can Be Lit Using The Simple Touch Of a Mobile Phone

candle touch kickstarter
© Candle Touch

A new candle has been revealed that doesn’t require a match to be lit, instead all it needs is the delicate touch of a smart phone.

The new candle is called; the Candle Touch, and uses Bluetooth-enabled technology that connects to base of the candle and using an interactive application the candle can be remotely ignited.

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candle touch kickstarter

Candle Touch

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The potentially revolutionary home decor addition is simple and easy to set-up and use.

Once bought, download the Candle Touch app, which is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Pair your candle with your phone and follow the instructions. Each phone can be connected to up to 10 candles. Once connected all you need to do is press on and the wick will ignite.

Candle Touch

Each candle can last up to 40 hours, and to extinguish just place it’s cover on top of the wick.

To change the wax, the candle will unscrew from its base and a new one can be replaced.

The candle touch comes in nine unique scents, including grapefruit, cardamon, amber and clove, and lime and grapefruit.

To view all the different variations of the Candle Touch visit their Kickstarter campaign online.

There are an array of kickstarter buying options starting at as low as £38 for a single reusable base plus one scented candle and going as high as £231 for a five reusable base pack with five refills. To pledge your support visit their Kickstarter campaign online.

For more information on the Candle Touch Kickstarter visit online.

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