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This New Plant Pot Aims to Keep Your Plants Alive for Longer than Ever

Have you ever bought a stunning bouquet of flowers then see them begin to fade almost the next day? This new plant pot could the answer to finally keeping your plants alive and filling your home with all that natural beauty.

Catalan design studio Nima Barcelona has launched a new plant pot with the hope of keeping your plants alive for up to three weeks, without you ever watering them.

The Carmen plant pot is designed with Nima’s Watair irrigation system that keeps the plant in continuous contact with water and the roots permanently oxygenated. Meaning, if you forget to water your plants, or are away traveling, you’ll never see your plants continually die.

carmen plant pot

Nima Barcelona

How the Carmen works

The Carman uses a manufacturing process which includes plaster molds and a special casting technique. Each plant pot is considered a unique piece, thanks to the incorporation of hand crafted elements.

The pots come in two pieces, the top holding the plant while the bottom hides a irrigation system called Waitair, which allows plant owners to step away without constantly watering them.

Watair is a system that see’s water fall through a filter and is collected in the bottom tank, where it slowly rises through a series of capillary wires. The air circulates through the openings in the pot and allows for oxygenation of the roots, which in turn prevents the water from becoming stagnant.

Along with the practicality of the design, Carmen’s shape takes a different approach than typical pots. The twisted pentagon shape adds a design element giving it a sculptural quality.

Nima Barcelona

The Carmen is not only a pot with a plant but also the perfect union of gardening and design developed to encourage the introduction of nature and the outdoors into a domestic living space.

The Carmen model in white clay makes the plant look elegant and sophisticated, while Carmen in terracotta evokes calmness of a traditional gardening pot.

The Carmen is priced at £295 and are available online at Nima Barcelona.

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