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This Hanging Planter for Cats Will Let Your Feline Hang About the Greenery

© Etsy / CatPlanter

We all know both plants and cats can instantly bring happiness to a room, but you probably didn’t think they could crossover quite so creatively as ‘cat planters.’

To confirm, a hanging planter in the home typically displays your greenery in an interesting way… it usually doesn’t feature an actual real life cat.

There have, of course, been pet planters inspired by our feline friends in design but this latest idea from Etsy is actually designed specifically to let your cats hang around the greenery.

Etsy / CatPlanter

The concept is created by a textile Masters student, Miisa Lehto, from Finland who uses a high quality chunky twine to create the hanging bed.

The twine is 80% recycled cotton and 20% polyester with a high chewing tolerance and good ability to carry even the heaviest fluffers.

You can even adjust the height to let your felines be as close (or as far away) from their favourite plants as you like.

Each cat planter is handmade and makes for a sturdy bed.

It generally comes in a white, minimalist design that’s similar to the current trend for seamlessly integrating pet beds into your home.

However, you can also opt for a gorgeous deep blue that’s uniquely dyed in a Shibori style, if you’d prefer.

Etsy / CatPlanter

If you fancy getting your paws on one, you can do by visiting the shop over on Etsy.

As it’s a custom design, it costs in the region of £112.86 – £158, with £26.18 delivery to the UK so it’s not the most purse-friendly unique cat bed you can buy for your feline.

However, when it looks this stylish, it might just be worth parting your pennies for

Cat Planter is available now via Etsy seller CatPlanter for £112.86 – £158.

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