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This New Homeware Collection from Ceraduo Embraces Romantic European Vibes

ceraduo pome collection

Homeware can often be very samey, with items all looking or feeling similar to one another, but this new interchangeable collection, that evokes vintage European vibes, could finally change those lifeless homeware items.

With homes today becoming smaller and more expensive it is all the more important to fill the space with character, life, and most importantly, love.

Aiming to inject your home with some much needed love and life, The Pome collection from interior specialists Ceraduo could be where you finally find those homeware items that completely transforms your home.

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ceraduo pome collection


The vintage interior brand have become the first and last stop for beautifully crafted romantic homeware collections that fill homes with style and throwback European vibes.

The new Pome collection has been designed with flexibility at its heart, delivering interchangeable vintage style sofas, chairs, ottomans, dining chairs, coffee tables, stools and bedside tables all available.

What makes this homeware collection even more unique is each item is made-to-order, which means you will never again feel like your home is similar to others.

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ceraduo pome collection


Each piece of linen, as well as the furniture finishings, can be individually chosen between tasseled, fringed or skit options for sofas and chairs, plus specifying the exact lacquer colour for each of the wooden items.

Ceraduo hopes to launch even more fabric options to offer yet more variety to the design process by the end of the year.

Prices of the collection range from £60 for seat pads, £125 for cushions, £410 for footstools to £1,230 for armchairs. 

To view the complete Pome collection visit Ceraduo online.

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