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This 3D Printer Will Help You Become A Ceramic Master

The key to artistic expression is the ability to turn ideas into reality, and now the process of artistic creation using ceramic materials has been simplified thanks to a 3D printing machine.

Creating your own ceramics is a goal for a number of people but one few actually fully realise, purely down to the volume of the time and skill that’s involved in the process. Pottery skills take years to hone and perfect, but there is now a simpler and quicker way for making your own bowls, vases, mugs and sculpture ideas come to life.

Cerambot 3D printer, created by Cerambot, is here to replicate the historic ceramic moulding process using 3D printing technology.

Ceramic 3D printing provides the ultimate way to design and create sculptures, art, architecture and homeware with ceramics – without having to get your hands dirty or spend years learning the process ceramic use.


With creativity, everyone can be a designer, artist or scientist. Ceramics has a unique ability to form itself to any shape, making it the perfect design medium.

Until now, ceramic 3D printing has been expensive and difficult to use, making it a challenge for those looking to create their own individual items.

Ceramot changes that mould. It’s fast, accurate, easy to use and is one of the most affordable printers of its kind. With Cerambot all of your ideas, creativity and passion can finally take shape from the comfort of your own home.

Cerambot is compatible with all popular software for desktop 3D printers. The process is as simple as dragging and dropping your design into the software to begin printing.

Why Ceramic materials? Because they are durable, food-safe, heat-resistant, mechanically strong, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

So you will now be able to fill your home with your very own ceramic creations, and even your kids can design their own.

For more information on Cerambot and if you wish to pre-order your very own ceramic printer visit Cerambot 3D printer.

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