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Ssh, There’s a Secret Luxury Homeware Marketplace You Ought to Know About

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When it comes to making our home feel like our own, it can be a challenge to find homeware pieces that are truly unique.

That is something that has the off-cuff feel of “I just bought this at a market” but that also exudes luxury.

If that sounds like you, then good news is there’s an online marketplace called Charlton Island which aims to bring handpicked, unique and luxurious brands to you from across the globe.

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Featuring some of the world’s most talented designers, the luxury homeware site offers you the opportunity to shop for original homewares, accessories and gifts that often have a stylish fine art feel.

Items are typically handmade or available as a bespoke order so you can be sure your neighbour doesn’t have the matching version.

Products available include seriously stylish cushions, chic lamps, luxury candles and even sculptures and prints.

Gillian Arnold Spring Spectre

Mariska Meijers Prêt-à-Porter tribal stripes lampshade

Prices are on the upper range of a budget, but you don’t have to have a pay packet like Beyoncé to afford.

The real beauty of the site is that it’s affordable luxury and although it’s a fairly well kept secret, it has been featured in Vogue…

For more information on Charlton Island and to browse the collections visit their official website. 

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