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There’s a Coffee Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up by Serving Your Morning Brew

© Barisieur

For those who just can’t function without their morning brew, you’ll want to know all about this incredible coffee alarm clock.

Unlike other genius alarm clocks that can simply imitate the smell of coffee, this one actually serves it up for you.

Called the ‘Black Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock’ this incredible contraption works by combining ingenious engineering and two of your morning must haves (an alarm clock and consequently a cup of coffee, what else?).

Looking like something out of a scientific laboratory, the alarm clock features stainless steel components and glassware that sits on a walnut timber tray.

An induction coil is used to boil the water efficiently and safely in the glass boiling vessel.

The innovative design will essentially brew or pour-over coffee (or loose leaf tea!) first thing in the morning as soon as the alarm goes off.

There’s even a refrigerated compartment to keep your milk chilled and fresh, activated by an infrared sensor.

Plus, drawers for storing your essential ingredients and the addition of glassware that rests on a walnut tray and plastic base.

All you have to do is set it up the night before and you’ll wake up to the perfect cup!

The Black Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock is available now for £345 on the Barisieur website.

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