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This New Wallpaper Wants to Help Get Children’s Creative Juices Flowing and De-stress Adults

Colouring in is no longer is confined to bright books found everywhere from newsagents to book stores, the creative art is now coming to your home decoration.

“Colour Me” wallpaper, by Graham & Brown, wants to help kids get creative, and guide adults into a relaxing zen space, with a range of wallpaper designed to be completely coloured in.

The question is, will you be able to stay within the lines?

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colour me wallpaper

Graham & Brown

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The delightful wallpaper has been designed by illustrator Lizzie Mary Cullen and features an array of artworks from cityscapes to oceans, all waiting to be injected with life and colour.

The wallpaper is similar to any typical wallpaper. It is cut to size and pasted on to walls, but once dry, that’s when the real creativity begins.

To colour, there are two options; pencils or felt-tip or fine pens. Graham & Brown recommend using pencils as they offer most colourful and bold finish, and can also be easily removed when you fancy a fresh look.

The wallpaper is ideal for children who can’t get enough of art or are in need of a creative boost, and perfect for adults looking for an alternative to colouring books to help relieve stress.

The “Colour Me” wallpaper prices start at £26, and is available to buy at Graham & Brown online.

For more information on the Colour Me wallpaper, or other home decor designs, visit Graham & Brown online.

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