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Supermarkets Are Offering Practical and Safe Ways For Food Shoppers During Lockdown

coronavirus food shopping
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With the entire country, and wider planet, trying to maintain social distancing and self isolation, food suppliers are getting creative with how to make sure people can still get their hands on essential food.

To prevent shoppers from coming into food stores to pick out what they need, shops are now pre-packing boxes containing essential items available to be purchased ahead of arrival and are brought out to peoples cars, restricting the chance of Coronavirus spread.

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coronavirus food shopping


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With the closure of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops, it is becoming increasingly harder to find ways to safely buy fresh food.

To make sure people not only have access to fresh fruit, vegetables, but also maintain social distancing and lockdown practices, supermarkets and local shops are pre-packing boxes of essential items, instead of letting people walk the aisles of their shops.

The boxes come in all shapes and sizes, offering everything from fresh fruit to food options including meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, milk, eggs, cheese, pasta, oils, butter, snacks, drinks, alcohol, bread, toilet rolls, cleaning products, and a host of other items, which can be pre-selected ahead of pick-up.

The process also involves stores bringing the boxes to peoples cars, making sure people do not need to leave their cars, they simply arrive, open their boot and the rest is taken care of by the shop.

The practice is being adopted by stores from major supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Morrisons, along with a host of smaller and local food stores.

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