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14 Cosy Living Room Ideas That’ll Make Sure Your Home Is Impossible to Leave

A living room is the place for curling up, unwinding after a long day, and taking luxurious naps on wet weekends, it’s the one place where being lazy is not just approved, it’s encouraged.

Therefore, it’s essential to make sure your living room has a welcoming feel and, most importantly, is designed to be as cosy and relaxing as possible.

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cosy living room ideas


A cosy living room can mean something very different for everyone. It could mean deep colours, bold features, comforting textures, minimalist design, or lots of soft fabrics.

We have therefore distilled the wide variety of cosy living room ideas down to a helpful guide that’ll make sure you have a broad idea on how best to make sure you have the cosiest living room for when those troublesome winter months do eventually arrive, or when you are in need of a place to zen-out after a hard day.

Traditional Cosy

cosy living room ideas


There’s nothing better than coming home and settling into a comfy, cosy living room.

This cosy living room idea follows a traditional design, with simple textures, colours and furniture. The seating plan is open yet still closed enough for entertaining and socialising with friends and family.

Think long wooden coffee tables, three seater sofas and single chairs, along with bright colours on the walls and floors.

Neutral Cosy


Going neutral makes sure your living room is a gateway to unwinding after a long day.

Whether it is whites, greys, blacks or browns, neutral colours are perfect for creating a zen-like, relaxing environment.

Intimate Cosy


Small, intimate seating areas, particularly ones with an abundance of cosy fabrics, can create the perfect comfort castle.

This cosy living room idea includes soft accessories, natural light, and warm colours. all of which combine to create a simple cosy escape.

Natural Cosy


Adding plants, wicker baskets, and outdoor features can be both boho-chic and cosy.

Layering soft tones with large indoor plants and furniture can help create a room full of earthly warmth, perfect for drifting off with a warm cup of tea and biscuits.

Minimalist Cosy


If filling you aren’t a fan of living rooms with a variety of colours, accessories, and fabrics, why not embrace the minimalist look and adopt the “less is more way of design”.

Minimalism strips your room of all distraction, allowing you to full immerse yourself into a cosy, relaxing environment.

Think, large neutral sofas, simple rugs and coffee tables, big open windows filling the room with natural light, and sleek electronics.

Outdoors Cosy


For some, heavy wood paneling went out of fashion 40 years ago, but when you go full wood decor it can create a sophisticated and cosy living room.

Think lake houses, nature lodges, and ski chalet vibes.

In additional to wooden walls, add brown leather couches, brass light fittings, Persian style rugs, and nature decorative artworks.

Bold Colours Cosy


If you aren’t a fan of neutral, simple designs, why not go bold with cosy, warm colours.

Combine bright shades such as pink, blue, and yellow with grey and white walls to create a truly chilled out, cosy living room.

Crash Pad Cosy


After a long day at work, school, or University, sometimes all you want to do is drop your bags and crash out on a couch.

If this sounds ideal, think large open plan spaces, L-shaped couches, neutral colours, soft lighting, and lots of fun electronics within arms reach.

Grey Cosy

cosy living room ideas


Grey is the go to for those searching for a colour scheme designed for cosy living room ideas.

The warm tone can create a sense of warmth. Grey even makes it feel like you are being hugged, making it perfect when trying to design a cosy living room.

Fireplace Cosy


Honestly, nothing makes a room feel more cosy than a fireplace.

There’s something uniquely comforting about a fireplace burning away, filling the room with heat.

Fireplaces are especially perfect when those pesky winter months arrive and all you want is to be on the receiving end of a big warm hug.

Light and Bright Cosy

cosy living room ideas


Bright, airy and light rooms are must-haves for those looking to transform their living room into a cosy paradise.

Consider large open windows, free-standing lamps with lightly coloured furniture, and plenty of open wall space.

Bright and airy vibes are also essential during the winter when there are fewer daylight hours.

Maintaining a well lit and bright living room can make a big difference during the cold and dark months of the year.

Fabric Overload Cosy


There’s nothing quite like snuggling up on the couch with warm textures to sink into on chilly evenings.

Mix in throws, large cushions, chunky knitted pillows, faux-fur fabrics to create the ultimate cosy living room.

hygge Cosy

cosy living room ideas


When thinking about cosy room ideas, the Danish lifestyle Hygge is never far away, especially considering the concept is to create a feeling of cosy contentment.

To inject a bit of Hygge into your living room consider candles, knitted throws, big pillows and plenty of open space for you to sprawl and relax in.

Modern Cosy

cosy living room ideas


Whether it’s bold colours, simple tones, large furniture, big windows or new technology, modern living rooms like this are perfect examples of 21st century cosiness.

You’ll find yourself sitting down with a book, or to watch a film, and you will be whisked away to a relaxing destination you’ll never want to leave.

Think big sofas, small foot stools, simple accessories and natural tones when pondering these cosy living room ideas.


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