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A New Study Reveals Living In the Countryside Will Make You Happier

countryside happiness
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A new study has found those living close to nature, in the countryside, enjoy a much happier, fulfilled and mentally satisfying life more than people living in cities.

Estate agent Yopa carried out the survey, polling homeowners across the UK, in an effort to find out whether urban or rural environments offer the best conditions to enjoy a happiness-filled and refreshing lifestyle.

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countryside happiness


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The results revealed that 31 per cent of people who live in the country consider themselves “mostly happy” compared to just 25 per cent of those living in cities – with 18 per cent of people living in urban settings admitting to being constantly stressed compared to just six per cent of countryside inhabitants.

The countryside happiness survey also revealed urban residents are also more likely to worry about crime, air pollution school quality and finding a safe place for their children to play in.

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The only negative for people living in the countryside was poor public transportation and the potential to feel isolated, which was the opposite for those living in the city.

The results also revealed three quarters of those questioned said they’d jump at the opportunity to living closer to nature, but holding them back was cost of daily commutes, finding the right home and location, along with the lack of amenities such as bars, restaurants and social settings.

For full details on the countryside happiness Yopa survey visit Yopa online.

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