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Homemade Craft Ideas for the Home That Everyone Can Enjoy

Just hear us out: craft ideas for the home can be miles away from the macaroni jewellery and papier-mâché of your youth.

Arts and crafts can be plenty fun, even if there isn’t a DIY bone in your body. In fact, making home decor from your own hands makes a huge difference in making a home feel like yours.

From the vintage upcycling to the quickest DIY upgrade, you can make homemade arts and crafts in as little as 15 minutes. Let’s get crafting.

No sew curtains

No sew curtains

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

It’s more common, except among crafty folk, to not have a sewing machine in one’s possession. It’s a fair call — not only are they bulky, they often sport surprisingly high price tags. Basic models start from about £50.

Luckily, it’s possible to whip up a better looking pair without a sewing machine if you’re stuck with some seriously hideous curtains. Tape them up with hemming tape and voila!

Simple sew kitchen towels

Keen to try your hand at sewing? As a first sewing project, these simple tea towels do the trick nicely.

They involve one piece of fabric and straightforward lines. Take cotton or linen fabric, about 48cm by 70cm, fold over the edges by about 2cm and sew to create borders.

To perfect the corners, trim the pointed edge of each corner, line up the edges and sew again. Simply sewn tea towels also make great hostess gifts. Wrap them around wine bottles or nestle bread inside them for a lovely touch.

Pom pom garland

It’s possible to make a pom pom from no more than a pair of scissors and toilet or paper towel rolls, no knitting skills required!

Take two rolls. Begin by threading yarn between the rolls, leaving about a 15cm tail. Wrap the yarn around both rolls. The rule of thumb is the more yarn, the bigger the pom.

When it’s sufficiently wrapped, cut the yarn, wrap it between the two rolls and double knot. Cut through the loops to release the pom and give the pom a nice haircut. Watch this 48 second tutorial for a visual.

Once you have amassed a collection of pom poms, thread yarn or string through the middle of the pom poms to create a garland.

For a more perfectly fluffy pom, enlist a pom pom maker.


It’s incredible what can be created with a piece of paper. From a beginner friendly origami boat to a more complex paper crane, be amazed as you fold your way to a whole new object.

Shibori dyeing

Indigo dye kit (Knit Picks, £12.73; Amazon £13.55)

Shibori, an ancient Japanese dyeing technique, is a stunning form of tie dye. And all you have to do is pick up a ready made shibori kit complete with all the essentials.

Strategically twist, pin and tie fabric for one of a kind napkins, tea towels, pillow cases and more. Shibori pieces are gorgeous craft ideas for the home.

Lavender sachets

For the easiest home DIY, pile some dried lavender onto fabric, cinch it with ribbon and admire your heavenly smelling handiwork. Tuck them into fresh laundry and drawers.

Upcycle vintage furniture

Collect vintage plates and repurpose them into wall art. Score a vintage suitcase as a unique coffee table. Transform vintage tea cups into candles. The possibilites are endless.

Finding the perfect vintage gem is harder said than done, but a fresh lick of coat on any old dresser or table makes an amazingly transformative upcycling home project. Then swap out the hardware for new drawer pulls or knobs and you’d never recognise the ‘before’!

Halloween home DIY

For Halloween decor with little effort, you can create this spooky fairy lights. Just make cat shaped cut outs, leaving room for the glowing eyes. But why limit it to black cats? Add bats or even some menacing pumpkins to the mix.

Christmas home DIY: make your own wreath

Some craft ideas for the home require a bit more effort, but the results will blow you away. This DIY calls for clippers, wire frame and creativity. Just add a seasonal selection of pine and ivy with plenty of foliage, dried fruits and pretty ribbons.

See full instructions on how to make a Christmas wreath from scratch.

Christmas home DIY: painted pinecones

Painted pine cones are festive magic: classic Christmas decor and as easy as craft ideas for the home can be.

Just mist pine cones in a sparkly silver or festive gold spray paint. Incredibly versatile, pine cones are perfect for a holiday table garland or handmade ornament. Place a pile into a nice bowl for a centrepiece or incorporate them into fancy gift wrap decor.

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