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These Creative Window Garden Ideas Will Brighten Up Any Home

© Marc J Sievers

If you’ve ever fancied creating your very own window garden but want to get more creative than adding a simple herb box, then these ideas are the perfect way to create a cheerful display.

Created from flowers and objects you can find in and around the home, the best part is you don’t have to look far for creative inspiration.

Simply upcycling or recycling what you have will make your window garden feel more personal and will give those items a whole new lease of life.

Window Bouquet

window garden ideas


A particularly effective window treatment for spring, IKEA recommend getting creative with their SMYCKA artificial carnations by attaching a suction cup towel rack.

You could also include your favourite flowers and garlands from your garden if you fancy.




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Le Creuset Window Garden

window garden ideas

Marc J. Sievers

Who says a window garden is just about flowers? Cookbook author Marc J.Sievers shows how rainbow coloured Le Creuset casserole dishes can liven up your window display when using a rack.

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utilise coloured vases

Dartington Crystal

Give your window garden a pop of brightness simply by adding coloured vases to your windowsill. You can always move them from another room in your house, or explore Dartington Crystal’s coloured vase range.

DIY Herb Garden Markers


A simple way to recycle lolly sticks is to turn them into herb planter markers. You can keep it simple by using a marker pen to add in the names of the herbs, or go a little more elaborate.

Using coloured markers to draw the herbs will add a fun, cheerful touch to your herb box.