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Help Your Home Sparkle with a Set of Cordless Crystal Lamps

crystal led lamps

Ever felt your home is in need of a bit of sparkle and luxury? This set of cordless crystal lights could be what you’ve been waiting for to help create an atmosphere full of opulent and sophisticated vibes.

The cordless crystal lamps, created by The Cool Hunter, are a range of small LED lights with a big personality that’ll create a dinner party, bathrooms, and bedrooms, mood no one will want to leave.

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crystal led lamps

The Cool Hunter

If you’ve always felt your dining room, bedside table, or bathtub, was missing something, these classy crystal lamps are here fill that void and transform the space into one fit for royalty.

Hand crafted in Japan, the cordless solid illuminating lamps from The Cool Hunter, who offer a range of luxury home decorating additions, are a stunning table addition guaranteed to set the perfect mood.

Powered by batteries, and coming in packs of three, each lamp offers a unique light reflection, which can be adjusted with a range of three different brightness levels.

crystal led lamps

The Cool Hunter

Despite their size, each lamp still manages to generate a dramatic and powerful illumination, making them an ideal candle replacement for dinner tables, along the edges of bathtubs, or on bedside tables.

The best feature of these mini luxe lamps is they’re 100% waterproof, therefore perfect for also creating a picture perfect vibe on patios, terraces, balconies, and outdoor table settings.

The lamps are priced at £50 but are currently out of stock on The Cool Hunter online.

For more information on the crystal led lamps visit The Cool Hunter online.

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