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You Can Now Create Custom-Made KitchenAid Mixers

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If you’re someone who likes to keep up-to-date with the latest kitchen tech but find it too expensive, then you’re going to love this brilliant hack for custom KitchenAid mixers.

Yes, you can make your KichenAid mixer look as good as new or even personalise it to what you love with decorative decal kits.

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KitchenAid mixers typically feature plain design

These are just as easy to apply as it sounds: there’s no glue required, you simply stick it on.

Plus, the added advantage is it can be removed!

At present, you can actually get your KitchenAid mixer custom painted by US company Un Amore Custom Designs or simply have a go yourself using spray paint and enamel gloss protective spray.

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However, if you’re not so crafty-fingered and worry about making a mistake in your masterpiece, then vinyl decals are most certainly the next best thing.

How about transforming your plain KitchenAid mixer into a machine fit for mixing up Harry Potter-style potions in Snape’s potion class?

From £5.56, Etsy

Or give your mixer a starry makeover with UK-based seller QuoteMyWall. This one even comes in a multitude of colours.

£7.55, Etsy

Then, there’s this Mary Poppins design that’ll bring just a touch of magic to your machine.

£5.56, Etsy

Alternatively, keep it simple and choose a decorative design that will go the distance, regardless what the current popular trends are.

£7.90, Etsy

If you fancy any of these designs, you can pick them via Etsy, with some US sellers also applying an extra delivery charge.

When buying a new KitchenAid mixer costs around £699, however, it’s a much smaller charge you might just be willing to pay!

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