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You Can Now Create Custom Slippers of Your Pets

© Cuddle Clones

If you’ve ever popped your feet into cosy slippers and imagined just how much better it could get with your pet’s face instead, you could be in luck.

If it’s not pet cushions and custom pet socks taking over the internet,  it’s custom pet slippers that replicate your favourite friend.

Developed by Cuddle Clones, each slipper is handmade to look just like your pet.

Using super soft, comfortable furry material, the purrfect slip ons can be created to resemble any number of animals.

Your dog’s trademark grumpy face could come to life.

Or, your cat could become a megastar on Instagram thanks to being photographed next to the latest must-have item for pet owners.

mycatkyle / Instagram

Unfortunately, the product doesn’t come cheap coming in at a hefty $199 (£154), but when personalised products are this unique, who doesn’t want to own a pair?

Customisable Pet Slippers are available now via Cuddle Clones for $199.

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